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Resources for study

Resources for study

Travel Bursaries

19+ Learner Support Funds (LSF)

Students can access the LSF, to help with the cost of equipment, exams, travel or tuition, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be aged over 19 at the start of the course
  • The course must be funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • Students gross income must be below £35,000 (joint) or £20,000 (single)
  • The fund can help with childcare costs, tuition, exams, travel, materials etc.
  • Advanced Learner Loan students can access a separate fund for help with travel or childcare using the same income thresholds (Advanced Learner Loan Bursary)

Tablet and Laptop loans

It is possible to loan a Laptop or Tablet from your learning provider.

  • Richard Huish College

    • You can also borrow laptops from our self-issue laptop lockers to use anywhere on site.
  • Somerset University Centre
    • We have a range of resources available to you including Electronic equipment for hire eg laptops, cameras, camcorders
  • Strode College
    • You can borrow a range of equipment to assist with your studies including: DSLR cameras for both stills and film, video cameras, a variety of lenses, tripods, laptops and MP3 recording devices.


University Centre Somerset

Student Union

Run by Students for Students. The Student Union (SU) is about more than just managing your social life. It’s also about helping everyone make the most of their time whilst studying at UCS and building a sense of community.

Strode College

Student Union

The Strode College Students' Association (SCSA) exists to serve the student body here at Strode College. The committee consist of eleven student officers who are elected on an annual basis. They organise events, such as the popular student parties, campaigns and represent the opinions of the students at the College Forums.

Student Union

Hello from YCSU! A student union is a unique and (in our opinion) very important aspect of college life that you don’t get at school, so let us tell you a bit about what we do and how we make life at Yeovil College more fun and interesting.

Huish Logo

Student Union

RHC Students’ Union is responsible for broadcasting the Student Voice at Richard Huish College, Taunton. As a member, you are part of 1,800 full-time, and 300 part-time students, all who can benefit from the aid of the Students’ Union. RHC:SU, via the Student Council, and consultation with the student body, is at the heart of organising social events and campaigns on campus, both in and out of College hours. The Executive Council, made up predominantly of 16-19 students, all with an enthusiasm of furthering the Student Voice and Learner Engagement within the Union.

Useful Resources / Links


UniTasterDays is a directory of university events for school groups and individual students.

Student support

Please see each learning provider for Student Support information

Equality and diversity

Please see each learning provider for their Equality and diversity policy