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We have created this website to help you find out more about the wide range of Degrees, Foundation Degrees, Degree Apprenticeships, Higher Education, Professional Qualifications and courses on offer in Somerset and how to access them.  

Providers of Higher Education (HE) across Somerset have worked together to provide the latest information on courses, campuses, study options, funding and FAQs,

We hope that this will help you understand the great opportunities for studying and living in Somerset.

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What is Higher Education?

Higher Education qualifications mainly relate to levels 4 – 8 of the Higher Education Qualification Framework. You usually have to be 18 or older to take a higher education course.

They’re usually taught in:

  • Universities and University Centres
  • Colleges
  • Specialist institutions like art schools or agricultural colleges
  • Online

Higher education qualifications include:

  • Diplomas at Level 4 and above
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Foundation degrees
  • Post-graduate degrees
  • Degree Apprenticeships

Source: GOV.UK