FdA Childhood Studies, Care & Education (UCAS code 51LK)

FdA Childhood Studies, Care & Education (UCAS code 51LK)
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Yeovil College University Centre
Course Description:

This course will equip you with the specialist knowledge and skills needed to support your continued development in this profession of working with children. It is suitable for those working in Early years or primary school provision to further develop skills to Level 5. It is aimed at those already supporting teaching as Teaching Assistants/1-1 Support Assistants and Early Years Practitioners to enhance skills and practice in the workplace.

Level 4 (Year 1 for full-time students and Year 1 + 1st semester in Year 2 for part-time students) develops skills to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of well-established theories, concepts and historical origins of theory. To be able to take responsibility for personal and professional development using reflection and feedback to analyse own capabilities and be able to implement actions of improvement.

Level 5 (year 2 for full-time students and Year 2 2nd semester and Year 3 for part-time students) begins the process of being able to work appropriately with a variety of interdisciplinary groups and teams, showing a critical insight in leadership and management skills. Also to be able to consistently employ appropriate pedagogical and andragogical approaches to achieve the best outcomes when working with children, professionals, colleagues, parents and carers.

The course operates on a fixed modular basis. Most modules count for 15 academic credits although some are double weighted and count for 30 credits. Each credit taken equates to a total study time of around 10 hours. Total study time includes scheduled teaching, independent study, and assessment activity.

Full-time students take modules worth 60 credits per semester, with part-time students taking proportionately fewer credits per semester. All students take a total of 120 credits per level and 240 credits for the Foundation Degree as a whole. Your overall grade for the course and your degree classification are based on the marks obtained for modules taken at levels 5; these are Pass, Merit and Distinction awards.

The full-time and part-time course has one start point in September and each year finishes in June.